Cheryl O'Brien

I have been a full time resident of Sun City, AZ for a little over two years, but I have been visiting  this area since 1960 when my grandparents came out from St. Louis, MO as pioneers.  They were one of the first sixteen couples to relocate when Del Webb opened his doors. 

Sun City is known for its spirit of volunteerism, and the West Valley Ovarian Cancer Alliance was a good choice for me.  During my 34 year teaching career, I was frequently touched by colleagues, students' family members, and even students themselves fighting various cancer diagnoses.  My immediate family and circle of close girlfriends have dealt with the same issues.  When I joined a local golf league and met Laurel Pracht, I soon heard a most inspiring story of her tenacious fight and eventual victory over ovarian cancer.  I feel we can and are improving women's lives through raising awareness and funding for ovarian cancer research.